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Let’s be honest, the last thing you want to do after a long day of work is clean your driveway or patio. Yes, it’s a necessary chore. But it seems nearly impossible to find extra time in your schedule to get it done, let alone the motivation. Paver cleaning and sealing isn’t very fun (after all, how often do you get excited about cleaning?), and most homeowners avoid doing it in the best way possible: outsourcing the task to a professional company. Paver cleaning and sealing is an important part of concrete stonework maintenance. Buckeye State Pressure Wash ensures the longevity of pavers and prevents cracking, discoloration, and other problems that can arise over time. We do this via a safe power washing method to eleminate any moss, mold or lichen. Don’t delay and give us a call now!

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As a premier paver cleaning and sealing contractor, we have many years of experience in the industry. Our experts can clean, seal, repair and restore all types of pavers to as-new condition. We offer the best patio cleaning and sealing in NE Ohio and NW Pennsylvania.
You would not believe the amount of mold and moss that can grow and get stuck to the pavers in your front and back yard. The easiest way to prevent these organics from taking over your front porch or back patio is to call our company and get a paver cleaning and sealing service. You can get the most competitive rates around by picking us as the right paver cleaning and sealing specialists. We are confident you will be happy with what we're able to deliver, which is why we're happy to provide a free quote today.

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We will definitely clean and protect your driveway! Our company offers all kinds of paver cleaning and sealing for your driveways with pressure washing. Trust our experienced professionals today to assure you’ve done everything to preserve the beauty of your home. Inexpensive, Reasonably priced and Effective

Reasonably Priced and Effective

We are the experts in power washing any type of paver and sidewalk cleaning, done at an affordable price. Our services include house washing , concrete cleaning , pressure washing and more! We always offer free estimates

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